City Manager's Department

 510 - Administration

  • Provide overall coordination of Measure O police and library design process
  • Coordinate, plan and staff the 2019 State of the City event
  • Coordinate tracking of State Legislation (that may impact City) with Legislative Subcommittee
  • Develop/revise requirements for neighborhood associations
  • Provide overall coordination of redistricting process
  • Provide guidance and support for the General Plan revision process
  • Evaluate communication/engagement coordinator responsibilities and capacity to meet city demands
  • Support 2020 census effort

511 - City Clerk

  • Review and implement electronic filing system for the Conflict of Interest Form 700, as well as, possible implementation for all other campaign filing statement forms
  • Review and implement automated public records request system
  • Review, coordinate, and implement a revised records retention schedule and procedures with potential software updates to the Laserfiche system
  • Coordinate the process and procedures for transferring to District-Based Elections

515 - Human Resources

  • Meet and confer with CPOA
  • Conduct classification audits/analysis for requested positions
  • Conduct total compensation surveys in accordance with established MOU’s
  • Work with Liebert Cassidy Whitmore on the CalPERS hourly exclusion determination
  • Provide identified mandatory employee training
  • Development plan to fill key leadership positions as they become open
  • Explore options for new Section 125 third party administrators
  • Assist in the implementation of a new payroll/HR system

547 - Information Technology

  • Deploy new City phone system
  • Replace City Council computer offerings
  • Deploy full cloud backup of data
  • Deploy internal web site using Microsoft SharePoint
  • Provide public access to LaserFiche documents
  • Provide public access to most GIS mapping layers
  • Deploy PRA automation for CM/Clerks office
  • Replace public meeting video and recording system
  • Provide coordinated staff training for all new technologies