City Manager’s Message

Welcome to the City of Campbell

As the city manager, my job is to ensure that the city maintains services, programs, and facilities that meet the needs of the community in a fiscally responsible manner. All of us who work for the City of Campbell are proud of the work that we do to serve our community and to keep Campbell the special place it is.

The City Council has identified the following goals for our community, which city employees are dedicated to achieving:

  • To have a safe, clean, comfortable, and healthy environment
  • To be a physically connected and involved community with a strong sense of identity
  • To have attractive residential neighborhoods and business districts
  • To retain a friendly, small-town atmosphere
  • To maintain a fiscally self-reliant city government with effective basic municipal services

Whether you are a resident or a visitor, I invite you to enjoy all that Campbell has to offer. And if the office of the city manager can be of assistance to you, don’t hesitate to contact us via email or by phone.

City Manager,  Brian Loventhal